Austin Plus Dancers
Better Dancers Have More Fun
Our club is focused on dancing Plus at the "national festival level".​​

We want to be able to dance anywhere, to any caller, with confidence. Thus we tend to dance a little faster and with extended applications, and we make work-shopping a regular part of our program. We workshop and dance "extended applications", because this really helps strengthen our dancing and it's fun.

What you'll find at our club:

A wood floor, great dancing and fun people. Dan Clairmont is our club caller.

What you won't find:
Line dancing, Round Dancing, Food, or Themed Dances

In anticipation of some great Plus dance events, we are continuing our workshops through December! To see those upcoming events see our Upcoming Events  page

          Workshop 6:00 - 7:25, we also offer a 1/2 dance option to workshop attendees.
          Dance        7:30 - 9:15

See Flyer for details and pricing.

Upcoming Events
APD Flyer