Frequently asked questions

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    How will you keep the workshops from starting over every week?
    The workshops will proceed at the general pace of the enrollees, if you skip sessions you may fall behind.
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    Can I attend as a guest?
    Guests are always welcome, we do dance at a higher level than most club dances. If you come and feel you can't yet dance at the level we are dancing, we will gladly refund your admission. To be best prepared for our dances, please consider attending one of our workshop series. Please see the "Guests and Visitors" page for more information.
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    Do you offer Plus lessons?
    Not at this time, other clubs are offering that service. Our focus here is to supplement the square dancing community already here and fill a niche need that we had ourselves.
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    Why are you doing this Program?
    See the "History" page on this website. But, the bottom line is that there was no organized "next step" for dancers who wanted to improve after they finished lessons. So, we created it. We truly believe that "better dancers have more fun". Thus we are endeavoring to help as many as possible become better dancers. Better dancers: Are more relaxed Have time to look around, joke and play See the bigger picture Have 90% of "the easy stuff" on "auto-pilot", so they can focus on the more difficult stuff
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    When will you add Advanced?
    If this goes well we may expand it once we have a large club of members looking to go to advanced. We may also slip in some Advanced instruction and dancing in future sessions.
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    I see on the "Program" that you are starting with Mainstream, I thought this was a Plus Club?
    There is no Plus without Mainstream, Plus is the 99 calls of both, not the 30 Plus calls. We've found that people have been taught or allowed to make mistakes in Mainstream that prevent them from doing well in Plus and beyond, so we backup, fill in the gaps in knowledge, and correct the mistakes.
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    I know Mainstream, can I skip the first couple nights in a session?
    You can, but it isn't advised, most dancers don't really know how much more there is available at each level. You will probably learn a lot more than you anticipate.
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    Can I come "solo"?
    Yes, of course. We do our best to make sure everyone dances as much as possible. We have quite a few solo dancers and plenty of dancers who can dance either "boy" or "girl", so we are very flexible.
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    Is there a dress code?
    No, as a workshopping club, we work, so come dressed comfortably. You can certainly wear square dancing attire if you like. But it isn't required.