Our History

The Rogersons, (Glenn & Sylvia) organized this club, to fulfill a need they and their friends seemed to have.

A couple of plus classes coincided with each other here in the Austin area, and just happened to come fairly close to the end of Mainstream classes.

At the same time a number of events were coming up that we wanted to attend without embarrassing ourselves. So we took a second set of Plus lessons and looked for workshops. But workshops were few and far between.

The Solution:

We gathered a square together in our dining room and asked Dan Clairmont to work with us to improve our dancing.

It was supposed to be temporary, but we were so successful, and loved dancing with our friends so much ... that we had a hard time stopping.
Once known as "The Chopped Livers"

"Once" abandoned by their caller ...

they knew they were no more than
"chopped liver".

And they were humbled

Being a humbled lot, they got him back, and all was right with the world again.

We called ourselves "The Chopped Livers" as a joke, but decided it wouldn't work as an official club name.

The Guilt:​

Because our group met in our dining room, we only had room for one square. But, we had more than one square's worth of Plus friends, so we kept it secret.

​Keeping secrets from your friends is hard and as we were successful it became harder to not include them.
A Bigger Place:​

With the pilot group (we didn't know it was at the time) being so successful at raising our dancing skills. We decided to get a bigger place, create a club, and share with all our friends in the square dancing community.
What we've become:​

Being a "workshop" based club, not only have the dancers become better (which is a lot of fun), but Dan has also become better. He has become better at reading the room and knowing how to push us forward without breaking us down too often. The "results" have been better than we ever anticipated and everyone looks forward to Thursday nights.